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Visa Business
Debit Card


  • Contactless
  • More convenient than writing a check or having to carry cash
  • No finance charges or annual fees
  • EMV Chip - provides added security at chip-enabled terminals in stores and ATMs
  • It is a safe and secure way to make purchases with benefits like 24/7 fraud monitoring and Verified by Visa
  • Easily monitor your debit card activity with Online or Mobile Banking
  • You can use your Debit Card anywhere that Visa is accepted
  • Earn cash with Purchase Rewards when using your card

Make purchases quickly and easily with your JetStream Federal Visa Business Debit Card.

Unlike a credit card, payments for purchases are automatically deducted from your primary business checking account. Your Visa Debit Card has an embedded chip that uses secure technology to make it harder to copy your account information, better protecting you from fraud.

Contactless Cards

You can choose to tap and leave while using your contactless debit card. This additional degree of security has been provided for the benefit of all of our members.

Added Protection

You increase the security of every purchase by selecting "credit" when you pay.

Free overdraft protection

With our free overdraft protection, it's simple to ensure that you never pay overdraft penalties.

ATMs without surcharges

Choose from a nationwide network of tens of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs. Members don't pay anything to use our ATM.

To report your card Lost or Stolen:

If you receive a call from our security monitoring department that your card is blocked for irregular activity, please call 1-888-918-7313.


Can I manage my cards online?
Your accounts payable department can effortlessly manage your business Visa credit card account using our Business Card Management.
How can I place a second check order?
We'll be pleased to help you whether you contact (305) 821-7060 or drop by your neighborhood branch.
My worker misplaced their Visa card. What's next?
You should call us right away at (866) 820-6977 in order to prevent fraud and ensure your security. For enhanced security, you can set up card controls using our online banking and instantly lock or unlock the card.
How do I report suspicious activity in my account?
Call us at (866) 820-6977 as soon as you become aware of any questionable activity on your account.

Miami Lakes

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Mercy Hospital

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Puerto Rico

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