Asesor de Carros

While there's a general buyer's market these days that doesn't guarantee you a good deal. Instead of running around and trying to figure out if you got the best price, let our AutoAdvisors do the shopping for you!

Their years in the automobile industry and contacts with an extensive network of dealers, assure they'll locate just the right car, with generally considerable savings over dealer prices. They can take you through the buying and financing experience, from getting your credit union loan pre-approved to delivering your car to your doorstep. From start to finish, you'll save time, hassle and money.

Let our Auto Advisor and your Credit Union help you acquire and finance your next dream car- new or used at the best possible prices and rates. Call today at (305) 821-7060 or click here to learn more.

Looking to save on your auto insurance policy? At JetStream Insurance Group we are here to help you get the perfect amount of auto insurance for your peace of mind. Click on our online rating tool to start a quote.


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