Business Savings Account

Establish your business membership with as little as $5 and take advantage of JetStream’s wide range of membership benefits.

Business Certificate Account

A Certificate Account is an investment that offers you a higher guaranteed rate of return on your money, with the security of knowing that your funds are insured. The annual percentage yield (APY) is fixed for the term of the deposit. JetStream Federal offers you the flexibility to lock up your funds for short or long terms.  Certificates can be automatically renewed upon maturity, for your convenience.

Advantages of a Certificate Account:

  • 3 month to 60 month terms available
  • Certificates must be fully funded at time of opening
  • Annual percentage yield is fixed for the term of your deposit
  • All funds are federally insured by the NCUA
  • Online and Mobile Banking accessible to view balances

Business Money Market Account

If you want a savings account that increases your earnings more, then a Money Market Account is for you. Your Money Market earns dividends at competitive rates and you’ll earn even higher rates on larger balances.

A Money Market Account is ideal for members who want the security of federal deposit insurance, the ability to earn high market-based dividends, and easy access to your funds. Plus, you have the convenience of writing Money Market account checks (up to 3 per month). With a deposit of $2,500 you can earn a high variable dividend rate. (Money Markets have a limit of 6 transactions per month).

Advantages of a Money Market Account:

  • Tiered yields – the higher your balance the more you earn
  • Competitive dividends are calculated daily, compounded daily and credited monthly- your money earns more for you every day
  • Access to your funds without any penalties


Federal Insurance

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the U.S. Government, federally insures your accounts to $250,000.



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