Green Loans

Help Save the Planet and Your Pocket

Save the earth and save some cash at the same time with our eco-friendly “Green” Loans.

Green colored car, stack of cash and a car keyDrive a Fuel Efficient Car
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scores all vehicles based on calculated greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy. The most environmentally friendly vehicles receive SmartWay or SmartWay Elite designations. But it’s not just hybrids, many conventional cars also qualify for the SmartWay designation. (Visit the website.)

JetStream Federal is rewarding our members who drive environmentally friendly autos by reducing their approved auto loan rate by .25% APR*. Selecting a car that is fuel efficient and has low emissions is a good move for you and the environment. The .25% rate reduction applies to any new and used auto loan rate when the auto qualifies for Smartway or Smartway Elite criteria by the EPA.

Save Energy at Home
House with a green colored roof sitting ontop of a pile of cash.If you are interested in making a few green home renovations or buying energy efficient appliances, you can save on your loan as well as your electricity bills. Our .25% “Green” Loan discount for fixed Signature Loans and fixed Home Equity Loans will assist you in making environmentally friendly purchases and home improvements.

Make a difference by helping the environment … and we’ll make a difference by helping your budget with a lower rate “Green” Loan. Contact our Loan Department for more details or apply online.

*Limitations: After all discounts applied including the Green discount, the auto Loan rate may not be lower than the promotional floor rate currently 1.99% New and 2.99% Used Autos.


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