P2P Frequently Asked Questions

What is P2P?
P2P is a “person to person” payment service that allows members to make PIN-secured instant transfers via web and mobile using your JetStream Federal debit card.
What do I need to send funds?
First, you must have a JetStream Federal Visa debit card. Second, you will need the email address and/or the mobile phone number of the recipient. The recipient will receive an email alert or a text message advising them that the funds are available. They will then decide whether to have the funds deposited into their own credit union/bank checking account or their debit card.
Does the recipient have to be a member of JetStream Federal?
No, the recipient does not have to be a member, only the sender has to be a member of JetStream Federal.
Can the recipient deposit the funds into a credit card?
No, the funds must be deposited into either a checking account or a debit card. If the recipient chooses to deposit the funds via their debit card the funds will be immediately available, if deposited into their checking account, via ACH, it can take 1-3 business days.
When do the funds come out of my account?
The transactions are in real time, the funds come out of your account immediately.
What is the minimum/maximum amount I can send?
There is no minimum amount, but the maximum daily amount is $500.
Can I send funds to someone internationally?
No, this product is for domestic use only.
Are there any fees?
Yes there is a $1.00 transaction fee every time you make a transfer.


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