Savings Accounts

JetStream Federal Credit Union offers a variety of savings and investment accounts for your financial needs. You’ll find flexible, accessible and convenient accounts to help get you started. And you’ll find higher yield accounts that let you earn more for your money.

Membership Savings Account

A Membership Savings Account with a minimum of $5 begins your savings program and establishes your credit union membership. With this basic account, you can make withdrawals and deposits in any amounts and still earn daily dividends with a balance of $50 or more. You enjoy the convenience of access to your money at various ATM locations. Plus, deposits may be made automatically through payroll deduction.

Club Account

Be prepared by planning ahead for all your holiday or vacation expenses with a Club Account. Once your club reaches a balance of $50 or more you earn daily dividends. You may add to your account by mail, in person, or through the convenience of payroll deduction. It’s amazing how easy it is to have the money you need when the time comes.

Federal Insurance

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the U.S. Government, federally insures your accounts to $250,000, with Individual Retirement Accounts separately insured up to $250,000.

For additional information or to open your Savings Account, call or stop by any of our conveniently located branch locations today.

For additional information on how all of your accounts are federally insured, take a few minutes to review this information provided by the NCUA:


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