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Credit Card

Introducing a new FREE app to
manage your credit card.

JetStream Federal is introducing a new FREE app to help our members manage their credit cards on the go!

Download the JetStream Credit Card app from iTunes or Google Play today!

It’s a convenient way to perform day-to-day transactions directly from your smartphone.

  • View your recent and pending transactions
  • View your next payment amount and due date
  • Make a payment to your card
  • Report a card lost or stolen
  • Raise a dispute on any transaction

Don’t have a JetStream Federal credit card yet? Apply for one today and take advantage of our newest mobile app!

Card registration is easy from any mobile device and your access is safe and secure.

No personal information is stored on the device.

Accessing our new Online Credit Card Management Experience

Access to our new Online Credit Card Management experience requires the cardholder to have established access to our digital banking (desktop or mobile app). Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get connected to our digital banking.

  1. Simply login to our digital banking (desktop or mobile app).
  2. From the My Accounts screen click on your credit card to launch our new Online Credit Card Management experience (for added security, don’t forget to set up your card controls and alerts – see page 6).
  3. Enrollment of your card may be required

Enrollment Process:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. After reading the Terms and Conditions, click the box next to I have reviewed and accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Next. The Terms and Conditions will only appear upon the initial enrollment.

Card Information & Verification

  1. The card Verification page displays, verify or enter your card number and click the Next button.
  2. Enter the last 4-digits of the Primary Cardholder's Social Security Number in the social security number field.
  3. Select the Primary Cardholder's date of birth from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the first 5-digits of the Zipcode associated with the Primary Cardholder's credit card mailing address.
  5. Click the Next button; if the new online credit card management site identifies an existing Profile for the cardholder, continue to step 8. If no profile is identified, skip to step 12.
  1. If an existing cardholder Profile is found, the email address tied to the Profile will be displayed.
  2. Select the appropriate email address and select the Next button.

Note: do not share your email address with other cardholders. If two cardholders share a single email address, which sometimes occurs within families, only one card profile will be allowed to be registered under the email address. When the other cardholder registers, they will need to register with a different email address.

  1. The primary cardholder is required to verify their identity – select SMS or Email and the Send button.

Note: The primary cardholder must have access to the phone number or email address attached to the profile in order to complete the linking process.

  1. Enter the 6-digit passcode and Submit.
  1. You are now enrolled! Select the Account Summary button.
  1. If an exisiting Profile was not identified, complete the Profile Information screen:
  • Enter the First name.
  • Enter the Last Name.
  • Enter a Card Nickname. Optional.
  • Enter the Phone Number.
  • Enter the email address in the Email Address and Verify Email Address field. Each cardholder must use a unique email address.
  • Click the Next button. The Profile Settings page displays.

Note: If the information in digital banking matches the credit card data, the information will be pre-populated for the cardholder on this screen. The phone number and email address can be edited on the My Profile page in the new online credit card management site.

  1. Select a security question from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter the answer to the security question selected, in the Answer field.
  3. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all three security questions and answers are complete.
  4. Click the Submit button. The Enrollment Success message displays.
  5. Click OK to display your Account Summary page in our new online credit card management site.
  6. Don’t forget to set up your card controls and alerts – see page 6.

Notification Settings – Alerts & Controls

Setup your new real-time alerts and controls! You'll find robust options for controlling when, where, and how your card is used, along with options to set real-time alerts!

Process to setup new alerts and controls from our new online credit card management experience:

1. Sign into online banking from our website:

2. From My Accounts, tap or click on your credit card to launch our new credit card online site.

3. Select Notification Settings from the menu – you must ALLOW POPUPS. If your device is blocking our popup, our new real-time alerts and control page will not open.

4. Once the new real-time alerts and controls page opens, select Control or Alert 

  • Controls offer robust options for controlling when, where, and how your card is used.
  • Alerts provide real-time alerts based on when, where, and how your card is used.

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