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New & Improved Features. Seamless banking made simple


Seamlessly Connect, Manage, and Experience Benefits

Effortless Transfers and Payments

Making transactions has never been easier! Our new digital banking platform simplifies the process of transferring funds and making payments. Experience lightning-fast and secure transactions, allowing you to move your money with confidence. Say goodbye to delays and hello to seamless financial management.

Introducing our new and improved digital banking experience

Enhanced Bill Pay

Take control of your financial obligations with our enhanced bill pay functionality. Set up recurring payments, receive reminders, and track your expenses effortlessly—all within our user-friendly interface. Our intelligent system ensures that you never miss a due date, giving you peace of mind and saving you valuable time.

Convenient Account Management

Managing your accounts has never been more convenient. With our new digital banking platform, you have the power to view your statements, add authorized users, grant access, and even apply for loans—all at your fingertips. Experience a simplified and streamlined approach to account management that puts you in control of your financial well-being.

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Exclusive Member Benefits

As a valued member, you have access to exclusive benefits and Rewards that make your banking experience truly exceptional.

We can't wait for you to explore our new digital banking platform! Mark your calendars for August 2th and be among the first to experience the future of banking. If you are already registered in our Online Banking, you'll gain access to a world of convenient and innovative banking features.

If you don’t have a profile in our Online Banking, Sign up today and be a part of the future of banking with Jetstream Federal Credit Union. Experience the convenience, security, and innovation that awaits you on August 2nd!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?

When you enroll for online or mobile banking, the information you input must match the information we on file for you. For example, if a person has two last names on file with us, they must enter both names during enrollment.

How do we prevent fraud during enrolment?

To help us verify your identity during self-enrollment, our system will require a unique PIN which it will send the user either by SMS, voice call, or email.

Do I need to enroll in online banking before I can enroll in mobile banking?

No, you can enroll for digital banking right from our new app without the requirement to enroll in online banking.

What will happen with Bill Pay?

On July 25th, access to Bill Pay and all Bill Pay functions, including adding or modifying payments and viewing bill pay history, will be disabled.  You can still view bill pay history by reviewing your account transaction history.  
ALL prescheduled and recurring Bill Pay payments will continue to be processed during this time.

Bill Pay payments scheduled for August 1st will be delayed one day - they will be processed on August 2nd by our new Bill Pay service.  ALL of your active Bill Pay payees, including your prescheduled and recurring payments will be transferred to our new Bill Pay service. We are working hard to make this process a seamless experience for you, but mistakes can happen.  After enrolling to access our new digital banking on August 2nd, please review your Bill Pay payees and your prescheduled and recurring payments.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience during our migration.

Will my existing recurring alerts transfer to the new digital banking platform automatically?

No, unfortunately, your existing recurring alerts from the old digital banking platform will not transfer to the new one. To continue receiving your alerts, you must create them again in the new digital banking platform.

How do I create my recurring alerts in the new digital banking platform?

Creating recurring alerts in the new digital banking platform is simple! After logging in, navigate to the "Alerts" section, and from there, you can set up your preferred notifications with the desired frequency, amount thresholds, and account activities.

Will my existing app settings and preferences carry over to the new app automatically?

As much as we would love to transfer your existing app settings, unfortunately, they will not carry over to the new app. To make the most of the upgraded features and improvements, you'll need to download the new app and set up your preferences again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that the process is quick and easy.

Why am I receiving information about a new banking app in the marketplace? Will my existing app settings and preferences carry over to the new app automatically?

Current users of our Apple iOS App will simply need to update their app prior to accessing their account on August 2nd. Our new JFCU Mobile app will display a new icon on your device. Android users will need to download our new JFCU Mobile app from the Google Play Store once it is published, prior to accessing their account on August 2nd. All JetStream FCU members will need to complete the enrollment process to gain access to our new online banking or mobile apps. Existing app settings and preferences will not be transferred; but don't worry, setting them is quick and easy. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What is the number and codes for SMS Text Banking?

Text SMS commands to : 86020

  • BALANCE: returns a numbered list of the member's accounts, after which the member can choose one account by number to receive the specified account's current and available balances
  • BAL S# / BAL L#: returns the current and available balances of the account specified by share or loan ID
  • HISTORY/HIST: returns a numbered list of the member's accounts, after which the member can choose one account by number to receive the specified account's transaction history
  • HIST S# / HIST L#: returns the transaction history of the account specified by share or loan ID
  • CONTACT: provides the CU’s 800 number
  • HOURS: provides a link to our website’s

COM: returns the list of all available SMS commands


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