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At JetStream, we believe that community is everything.

We are passionate about taking care of both our members and our community, and strive to serve their ever-evolving needs. We are committed to investing our time and resources in the community to make a positive difference.

Jetstream Federal Credit Union invites you to explore our community partnerships and learn more about the various ways we serve our community. Join us in our mission!

Non-profit partnerships

We believe that our commitment to community is an important part of ensuring that the areas we live in and serve are enriched and supported.

Business partnerships

JetStream offers HR and benefits departments an innovative and secure way to streamline payroll processes.

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Partner Events

When asked, we coordinate with local groups to host partnership events. Whether it's in-person or over the phone, you can count on our team to meet the financial needs of your staff and customers. We will be available to assist customers and staff in opening accounts and submitting loan applications at these partnership events. As an additional service, we can facilitate presentations about managing one's personal finances.

Financial counseling

Our financial counseling services will be made available to your staff and members through our community partner program. Our experienced team members are available to advise your employees on any financial matter, whether it be the repayment of a loan, the accumulation of savings, or the surmounting of a financial barrier. Through your participation as a community partner, you may provide your clientele and staff with cost-free financial wellness webinars and publications.

Low-Cost, Accessible Loans

We design our loans with our members in mind:

Auto Loans: We can assist you in lowering your interest rate and monthly payment whether you are financing a new vehicle or paying off an existing loan.

Personal Loans: You can use a personal loan for everything from loan consolidation to a shopping spree. You just need to make sure you have the best rates available in the market.

Miami Lakes

Phone: (305) 821-7060
Fax:     (305) 819-8072


Phone: (305) 821-7060
Fax:     (305) 418-4922

Mercy Hospital

Phone: (305) 821-7060
Fax:     (877) 233-6283

Puerto Rico

(305) 821-7060 ext. 8799
(800) 426-3556
(877) 213-2954 Fax

Shared Branch Locations

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