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Lost or Stolen

Lock and unlock your cards.

Nobody wants this to happen, but in case it does, we are prepared to help you.

The most important thing from your end is to be quick.

  1. Report us immediately the loss or theft of your missing card.
    • By phone (24hours): Lost / Stole / Fraud:  1-800-449-7728
    • In our Online Banking.
    • At any of our branches.
  2. Lock or Unlock your credit/debit card using our additional app

You can place a lock from the convenience of your mobile phone. Simply download at any time our “JFCU cards” additional app and put a hold on any of your cards until you are ready to re-use it.  

Our JFCU Cards app is available from the Google Play Store or Apple App store.  

The temporary lock stops new activity from posting to your account and gives you time to find your card. When locked, your card cannot be used for purchases, but the card can be used to make payments and recurring payments. Remember, if your card is permanently lost or stolen, you’ll need to report it and request a replacement card.

ATTENTION: This is a secondary/additional app created to help you manage your JetStream FCU card in situations like these. This service is not available in our main Online Banking or mobile app.

Miami Lakes

Phone: (305) 821-7060
Fax:     (305) 819-8072


Phone: (305) 821-7060
Fax:     (305) 418-4922

Mercy Hospital

Phone: (305) 821-7060
Fax:     (877) 233-6283

Puerto Rico

(305) 821-7060 ext. 8799
(800) 426-3556
(877) 213-2954 Fax

Shared Branch Locations

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