The Federal Reserve’s Regulation D – What it Means to You!

What is Regulation D?
Regulation D is a federal regulation which places certain limits on the number of transfers or withdrawals members can make from their savings, club, and money market accounts. Reg. D allows for up to six (6) withdrawals, overdraft protection transfers, electronic funds transfers/automatic withdrawals (EFT/ACH), online banking or telephone transfers per month. Any transaction request that is received after you have reached your limit of six (6) transfers or withdrawals must be rejected. Your Checking Account is considered a “transaction” account and is excluded from this regulation.

How does Reg. D affect my account?

  • Reg. D can affect your overdraft protection. After the sixth electronic withdrawal or transfer, your savings account will not be available for further overdraft protection. This may cause checks to be returned unpaid and fees to be charged to your checking account
  • Reg. D can affect your ability to move funds using our bank-by-phone system, calling the Call Center or using online/mobile banking. After the sixth withdrawal or transfer, the only way to access your funds will be in person or by using an ATM
  • Withdrawals or transfers that exceed the monthly Reg. D limit may result in NSF fees or account closure

Types of transactions that are limited to 6 per month from your savings, club or money market:

  • Automatic transfers from your savings account to another account at JetStream FCU
  • Overdraft Transfer from your savings to your checking account
  • Pre-authorized automatic transfers to a third party or another financial institution (EFT/ACH truncations)
  • Telephone transfers made to one of our Call Center representatives
  • Telephone transfers through our bank-by-phone system
  • Online/mobile banking transfers
  • ACH withdrawals

Types of Transactions that are NOT limited:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals made in person
  • Transfers made in person
  • ATM cash withdrawals or transfers
  • Automatic transfers to your JetStream FCU loan or credit card

Tips to avoid Regulation D limits:

  • Have your Direct Deposit sent to your checking Account
  • Have all of your pre-authorized payments, ACH withdrawals and debits come out of your checking account instead of your savings account
  • Plan ahead and make one large transfer from your savings account instead of several small transfers
  • Use ATMs or perform your transfers in person from your savings account
  • Your money market account has a limit of 6 transactions; only 3 of them can be by check


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